Pickering 2024: A Key Part of Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage

On January 11, 2016, the Ontario Government announced that Ontario Power Generation’s Pickering nuclear facility would operate until 2024 as a critical element of Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan going forward. The announcement was reiterated in the Speech from the Throne.

This decision was made by Premier Wynne and her government following extensive cost-benefit analyses. It supports the continued reliability of the Ontario electricity system, the life extension programs at Bruce Power and Darlington, the delivery of the Province’s 2020 climate change commitments, and the assurance that electricity customers receive the full benefit of this provincially-owned asset.

It is imperative to make sure that our positive message is heard, as anti-nuclear groups are spreading misinformation related to this decision and to the important role of the Pickering facility.

Pickering’s CANDU Units will provide low-cost electricity to families and businesses, 24/7 system reliability, and clean electricity to meet our climate change targets. Pickering will help to supply Ontario with non-emitting energy to further reduce harmful carbon emissions, and it will continue to employ 4,500 Ontarians in good jobs.

As we mark the one-year anniversary of this important announcement for Pickering, it is important to share with our leaders the benefits of this decision for the Durham/Pickering region and across Ontario, and to thank them for their leadership in supporting Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage in the Long Term Energy Plan.

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In 2016, the cost of electricity from Pickering was 7 cents per KWh, significantly below the average residential price of 11 cents per KWh.

Pickering Nuclear provides clean, emissions free power for one out of seven homes and businesses across Ontario. That’s three thousand one hundred megawatts of capacity, or enough electricity to power an area the size of Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington.

Pickering Nuclear employs four and a half thousand people across the Durham and Pickering Region. That’s engineers, tradesmen and more, who all contribute to ​creating a strong and vibrant community.

Strong Safety Performance – Pickering’s was awarded a top rating by Canada’s Independent Nuclear Safety Commission in 2015.

  • Continuing operations at Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is good for our community - it is a commitment to good jobs, increased economic activity and cleaner air. I’m proud to be part of a government that is leading the way in clean, reliable and affordable electricity.

    —Joe Dickson, MPP, Ajax-Pickering

  • Our community will be well-served by continuing operations at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. The plant will continue to employ thousands of people in our region and is key part of our government's plan to deliver reliable, emission-free and affordable electricity to communities across the province for decades to come.

    —Tracy MacCharles, MPP, Pickering-Scarborough East

  • I am very encouraged that studies conducted by the IESO, Ministry of Energy, and Ontario Power Generation indicate that the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station can continue to safely produce clean and reliable energy for the next 10 years and beyond. The continued operation of Pickering means that OPG and its 4500 Pickering employees will remain an integral part of our business community, and as such, we will enjoy the associated economic benefits for many more years to come.

    —Dave Ryan, Mayor, City of Pickering

  • Durham Region is Ontario's energy capital and today's announcement is great news for the nearly 100 local companies that are part of the nuclear supply chain, and their employees. It means skilled jobs, it means a strong local economy and it means stable electricity supply.

    —Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Durham Region

  • With these investments, nuclear will continue its role in ensuring Ontarians have enough power when and where they need it. The plan to refurbish the Darlington nuclear units and to keep Pickering in operation longer during the refurbishment period is a cost effective way to meet our future power needs.

    —Bruce Campbell President and CEO, Independent Electricity System Operator

  • The refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station is great news for the riding of Durham, and for all of Ontario. Durham has long been a proud host community to Darlington, and Ontario Power Generation is well-known as a wonderful corporate citizen in our region. I welcome today’s announcement.

    —Granville Anderson, MPP, Durham

  • We produce one of the key sources of abundant and affordable base load energy right here in Durham Region at the Pickering Nuclear and Darlington generating stations. We applaud the government of Ontario for extending Pickering Nuclear to 2024 and for committing to the refurbishment at Darlington and urge the province of Ontario to keep nuclear a prominent part of the energy mix.

    —Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade

Kathleen Wynne, Premier
Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy
Joe Dickson, MPP, Ajax-Pickering
Tracy MacCharles, MPP, Pickering-Scarborough East
Granville Anderson, MPP, Durham

On January 11, 2016 we marked the one-year anniversary of your Government’s announcement to operate the Pickering Nuclear facility to 2024. This will allow the facility to provide low-cost electricity to the people of Ontario with numerous benefits both in the Durham/Pickering Region and across Ontario. Pickering provides:

  • Reliable power to 1.5 Million Homes a day around the clock.
  • Low-cost electricity, 37% below the average residential cost.
  • Low-cost electricity will save ratepayers $600 million.
  • Clean energy which avoids 17 million tonnes of greenhouse gases.
  • Innovative healthcare producing 20% of the World’s Cobalt-60.
  • 4,500 jobs in the Durham/Pickering area.

Thank you for your Government’s recognition of the role Pickering will play to 2024 and for your commitment to low-cost, clean, reliable electricity and to jobs and innovation in the Durham and Pickering Region.

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